The Sixth Season Of Warzone Has Begun And It Will Be The Last On Verdansk

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The sixth play of Call of Duty Warzone has begun and it’s the past play that volition instrumentality spot connected the Verdansk map. 

This quality comes by mode of CharlieIntel on Twitter, arsenic reported by VideoGamesChronicle, which posted a abbreviated clip connected Twitter that features a Raven Software dev confirming Season 6 to beryllium the past for Verdansk. They said to observe the last season, the archetypal ablution gulag volition beryllium returning to the representation arsenic well. 

Season 6 sees a ample displacement successful the Verdansk representation layout acknowledgment to immoderate explosive charges that person “triggered a devastating seismic event.” Verdansk is present covered successful fissures and cracks that spell close done Stadium and Downtown. Not lone bash these cracks contiguous caller levels of elevation for players to combat on, but they pb to newly-discovered WWII-era bunkers arsenic well. 

These bunkers enactment arsenic a strategy of underground passageways and portion they mightiness not beryllium the safest country connected Verdansk, Raven says they’re filled with high-value loot. With it being October, Warzone’s The Haunting lawsuit is backmost too, though it won’t officially statesman until October 18. 

Patch notes for Season 6 bespeak that loot crossed Verdansk has been adjusted including caller gulag loadouts, caller crushed and proviso container inventories, and more. There’s a batch much to the spot notes, too, and you tin sojourn Raven Software’s Twitter thread astir Season 6 for the afloat rundown of what to expect successful this sixth and last play of Verdansk Warzone. 

A caller WWII-Pacific-themed representation volition go the representation of Warzone pursuing the merchandise of Call of Duty: Vanguard connected November 5.

For much details astir Vanguard, cheque retired this breakdown of everything we learned astir the game backmost successful August and past cheque retired our impressions of Vanguard aft going hands-on with the multiplayer past month. Read our thoughts connected Warzone successful Game Informer’s Call of Duty: Warzone review aft that.

Will you beryllium dropping into Verdsansk 1 much time? Are you excited for the caller Pacific-themed map? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

[Source: CharlieIntel, VGC]

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