The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Aftershocks Update Announced, Free Story Missions And More On The Way

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That’s right, we’re present with much zombie goodness. But this time, it’s coming consecutive from the franchise that catapulted zombie corruption stories backmost into the limelight: The Walking Dead. Maybe you missed retired connected Skydance Interactive’s fashionable Saints & Sinners VR crippled that dropped a fewer years ago. A escaped contented update, called the Aftershocks, is connected the mode and promises a bully information of caller communicative content, collectibles, and tools to assistance past the scourge successful New Orleans.

The update volition beryllium disposable to players that person already completed Saints & Sinners’ main run mode. There’s already implicit 20 hours of crippled to enjoy, truthful the Aftershocks Update looks to amplify and bolster the amusive and horror. You tin ticker the trailer above. Based connected an emailed property release, Skydance Interactive inactive has plans to present much contented to the VR title. Saints & Sinners earned a spot connected our Best VR Games For Your Oculus Quest 2 list, truthful beryllium definite to cheque that retired for different absorbing VR experiences. 

The Walking Dead, arsenic you astir apt know, has been featured successful the video games manufacture since the tv show’s aboriginal emergence to fame. Telltale games led the complaint astatine 1 constituent with a beloved episodic bid that plentifulness of diehard fans inactive play to this day. You tin work astir The Rise And Fall Of Telltale Games oregon hop into the communicative of dependable histrion Melissa Hutchinson, the endowment down main heroine Clementine.

The Aftershocks Update releases connected September 23 connected PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest, and PC VR heasets.

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