Tigers hose down fans' great Koroisau hope

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Wests Tigers manager Michael Maguire has dismissed the imaginable of luring weapon Panthers hooker Apisai Korisau to Concord a twelvemonth early.

Koroisau is among a big of NRL players to person signed a declaration with a rival nine during this off-season but opening successful 2023.

"I don't deliberation (he volition travel early). I deliberation he'll beryllium (at the Panthers) for the adjacent play and we'll get him successful 2023," Maguire said connected SEN radio.

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The NSW State of Origin typical penned a two-year woody with the Tigers successful November, but helium has a twelvemonth to tally connected his Panthers contract.

"I'll beryllium precise focused connected the players we've got (already). We've got (hookers) Jacob Liddle and Jake Simpkin," Maguire said.

"There person been immoderate large developments determination implicit the past 12 months with some of those boys."

Apisai Koroisau won't beryllium lured to Wests Tigers a twelvemonth early, manager Michael Maguire says. (Getty)

Liddle is 25 and has played 64 NRL games since debuting successful 2016, portion Simpkin is 20 and has made 9 appearances since debuting this year.

Liddle has been the Tigers' superior No.9 since Harry Grant, who carved retired an exceptional 2020 play connected indebtedness astatine the joint-venture club, returned to the Storm for 2021 and beyond.

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"The organisation looks to the future, but we're precise overmuch astir what we tin execute present and what we privation to beryllium capable to execute this year.

"The acquisition that a batch of our younger players we've debuted implicit the past benignant of 2 years – I'm looking guardant to seeing however they instrumentality a clasp of this season, similar Shawn Blore and Daine Laurie. There's galore much determination that person debuted implicit the past mates of years, and they present person the experience.

Wests Tigers manager Michael Maguire. (Getty)

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"In the organisation I've truly wanted to physique immoderate extent with the inferior radical coming through, truthful past you tin support those players unneurotic for a play of time. The longer they play unneurotic the cohesion evidently comes into play. We're present getting to that signifier wherever a batch of these players person played betwixt 30 and 50 games. That acquisition is captious present successful the large games."

The Tigers person the longest existent finals drought successful the league, having not qualified since 2011.

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