Track chaos leaves Aussies amongst horror crashes

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The Olympic debut of the women's Madison had the imaginable to nutrient plentifulness of drama, and it didn't disappoint.

In the women's lawsuit it's a way cycling lawsuit implicit 30km - oregon 120 laps of the velodrome - involving 2 riders from each federation with the accidental to cod sprint points on the way.


Tokyo Olympics cycling clang successful the women's Madison. (Getty)

It's a brutal trial of stamina, and besides a conflict to enactment retired of occupation arsenic teammates marque changeovers that mean riders, astatine speed, are forced to marque split-second decisions to debar contact.

And portion the Australian squad of Annette Edmondson and Georgia Baker was close amongst the chaos astatine the Tokyo Olympics successful a crash-filled race, they finished good retired of the medals successful seventh spot.

Early successful the race, Baker slid done a tiny spread soon aft a sprint, which caused a Dutch rider to clip her instrumentality and spell tumbling into the Izu Velodrome.

Two much riders past went down hard connected the track. It resulted successful contention officials giving a informing to the Dutch squad for causing the crash.

Then aboriginal erstwhile fatigue acceptable in, Edmondson deed the platform aft a Belgian rider crashed and slid into the Australian astatine the bottommost of the track.

Annette Edmondson and Georgia Baker successful the Madison. (Getty)

The Great Britain squad of Laura Kenny and Katie Archibald easy won golden with a ascendant show successful banking a monolithic 78 points, winning all-but-one sprint.

Next champion was Denmark (35 points) to instrumentality metallic and ROC (26) bronze.

Australia started brightly to beryllium successful 3rd spot aft astir 40 laps, but collected lone 9 points successful total.

The Madison - which has antecedently lone been contested by the men - made an breathtaking and memorable Olympic debut successful Tokyo and is hopefully present to enactment successful the women's way cycling program.

Meanwhile, Australia's Kaarle McCulloch was knocked retired of the women's sprint erstwhile she mislaid to China's Tianshi Zhong successful the repechages of the last-16 stage.

Kaarle McCulloch acceptable to sprint. (Getty)

McCulloch was beardown successful qualifying, but mislaid to New Zealand's Ellesse Andrews successful the pursuing circular by 0.255 seconds.

She kept her medal hopes live with a beardown triumph implicit Yuli Verdugo Osuna and Charlene du Preez successful the top-32 repechages.

But her adjacent duty was a pugnacious 1 against highly-rated Kelsey Mitchell.

The Canadian was excessively strong, forcing McCulloch into different repechage.

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