Trump Is Begging The 1/6 Committee Not To Interview Him

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Former Rep. Doug Collins is Trump’s caller attorney, and helium instantly sent a missive to the 1/6 Committee begging them not to interrogation Trump.

[W]ithout successful immoderate mode different waiving the enforcement privilege associated with the matters the committees are purporting to investigate, President Trump volition hold not to question judicial involution to forestall your grounds oregon the grounds of the 5 different erstwhile Department officials … who person already received letters from the Department … truthful agelong arsenic the committees bash not question privileged accusation from immoderate different Trump medication officials oregon advisors. If the committees bash question specified information, however, we volition instrumentality each indispensable and due steps connected President Trump’s behalf to support the bureau of the presidency.

Trump Is Trying To Keep The 1/6 Committee Away From Him

Trump, arsenic an ex-president, does person enforcement privilege, but the strongest claims are related to documents, not conversations. The erstwhile president is trying to chopped a woody to marque definite that the 1/6 Committee doesn’t speech to him oregon those adjacent to him.

At this point, it is clip to inquire the accustomed question, if Trump had thing to bash with the 1/6 attack, past wherefore won’t helium speech to the committee?

Trump Is Afraid Of Testifying

Should Trump and those adjacent to him attest earlier the committee, a full batch of accusation that volition beryllium atrocious for the erstwhile president volition travel out. Trump done his caller soon not-to-be-paid lawyer Doug Collins is trying to chopped a woody to prevention his ain skin.

The 1/6 Committee should decidedly excavation deeper due to the fact that Trump’s missive is that of a blameworthy man.

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