Trump Spent $765,000 On Golf Cart Rentals, But Fox News Melts Down Over Kamala Harris Buying Some Pots And Pans

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Fox News is having a meltdown due to the fact that Vice President Harris spent $500 of her ain wealth connected pots and pans but was soundless arsenic Trump spent $765,000 of payer wealth connected play cart rentals.

Fox News reported connected Vice President Harris:

Vice President Kamala Harris spent implicit $500 connected cookware successful a Parisian store amid rising ostentation and economic uncertainty astatine location successful the U.S.

The vice president visited the store connected her four-day diplomatic travel to Paris past week, reportedly dropping 516 euros connected pots and pans astatine high-end cookware store E. Dehillerin.


Harris took location a serving crockery costing astir $375, a frying cookware astir $160, arsenic good arsenic a multitude of different kitchenware items, including a porcelain ovum crockery and a copper cleaner, according to the store, which disclosed the magnitude of the purchase.

Trump Spent More Than $765,000 Of Taxpayer Money On Golf Cart Rentals

According to Golf News Net:

By August 2019, two further contracts brought the allocated tally to $541,425.

A caller order, signed to execute connected April 1, 2020, committed different $45,000 for golf-cart rentals, and an bid was signed successful May for $179,000 successful further play cart rentals, meaning the expansive full has accrued to $765,425.

Trump spends much than fractional of a cardinal payer dollars connected play cart rentals, which went into his ain pouch due to the fact that the Secret Service had to rent the carts from the nine that helium owns. and Fox News is good with it.

The Vice President, conscionable similar immoderate different American, is allowed to walk her ain wealth nevertheless she wants. After Trump lined his ain pockets for 4 years arsenic president, Fox News is astatine champion hypocritical with their Harris story. At worst, the stench of misogyny is dense astir this piece.

As agelong arsenic Fox inactive has Trump hanging astir its neck, these sorts of attacks connected Biden and Harris volition supply eye-rolls and disdain from the immense bulk of the country.

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