Tyson Foods donates 12,000 lbs. of meat to group

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Tyson Foods donates 12,000 lbs. of nutrient to Muscatine’s Pearl City Outreach

'Such a blessing...'

Shortly earlier Christmas, the Tyson Foods works successful Columbus Junction was capable to marque a donation of 12,000 pounds of nutrient to the Pearl City Outreach nutrient slope successful Muscatine.


COLUMBUS JUNCTION — On Thursday, Tyson Foods announced that, passim the past fiscal year, it had donated 64 cardinal meals (or 16 cardinal pounds of protein) crossed the state to combat nationwide hunger.

In a quality release, Tim Grailer, elder manager of firm societal work said, “We stay committed to addressing nutrient insecurity, supporting our squad members and improving the prime of beingness successful the communities wherever we operate. We cognize our efforts are stronger done collaboration, and we’re honored to enactment with a web of outstanding assemblage partners.”

The Columbus Junction Tyson Foods works donated 12,000 pounds of macromolecule to Pearl City Outreach successful Muscatine connected December 22.

According to Pastor Sharon Phillips, this donation came conscionable successful clip — not conscionable for the holidays — but for the radical the nutrient slope serves. During the vacation season, Pearl City Outreach puts unneurotic nutrient baskets for radical successful request oregon who different would not beryllium capable to person a vacation meal.

“We assistance the radical that autumn betwixt the cracks, and this twelvemonth we had 150 baskets to make,” Phillips said. “But erstwhile we got down to 100, we needed nutrient desperately. So I talked to Chaplain Joseph Blay astatine Tyson, and aft lone a time they brought america what we needed and we were capable to assistance each of these families.”

Not lone was Pearl City Outreach capable to implicit the baskets, but owed to the sheer size of the donation, the nutrient slope stocked its ain pantry, which is utilized regular to supply blistery meals to the Muscatine community, and donate to adjacent churches and nutrient pantries. This included King Harvest successful Davenport and a tiny religion successful Keokuk.

“It was conscionable specified a blessing,” Phillips said. “We were truthful excited that we cried.”

The Dec. 22 donation was conscionable the latest successful the agelong concern that the Columbus Junction Tyson works has had with Pearl City Outreach, according to Phillips.

“Over the years, (Tyson) has reached retired to america and we’ve reached retired to them. It’s been some ways, and they’ve been fantastic to us. They donated nutrient to america galore times,” Phillips said. “We’ve been helping our assemblage for 37 years now, and we’re precise thankful that we tin support doing this for the public.”

“Tyson means everything to us," Phillips said. "They’ve ne'er fto america down, erstwhile they archer you they’re going to bash something, they bash it. Our concern with them has helped america support radical fed, and it’s a batch of enactment for them but they bash it due to the fact that they care.”

Pearl City Outreach is accepting donations, and could peculiarly usage caller oregon mildly utilized blankets, pillows, towels, gloves and bottles of soap.

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