US tech market outlook improves to 7.4% growth in 2021

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In Forrester's caller report, US tech budgets are forecasted to grow by 7.4% successful 2021 and 6.7% successful 2022.

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The U.S. tech marketplace outlook has turned much positive. More radical successful the U.S. person been vaccinated, businesses are starting to invited employees backmost into the office, stores and restaurants person afloat reopened, and the U.S. system is present projected to turn by 6% successful 2021. Forrester's erstwhile study connected the U.S. tech marketplace wide projected the U.S. tech fund to turn by 6% successful 2021 and 6.8% successful 2022. In our caller report, U.S. Tech Market Outlook By Category For 2021 And 2022, we present forecast that U.S. tech budgets volition grow by 7.4% successful 2021 and 6.7% successful 2022.  

All categories of tech budgets volition spot increasing request successful 2021 and 2022. Software spending volition beryllium particularly strong, with maturation accelerating to astir 10% successful 2021 and conscionable implicit 11% successful 2022. Tech consulting services and tech outsourcing services volition besides acquisition accrued spending, portion machine and communications instrumentality volition fluctuate.

Amid the numbers, 3 cardinal trends emerge: 

  • On-premises technologies persist. 
  • Pure unreality solutions look accrued contention from hybrid unreality offerings. 
  • Customer bundle improvement stages a renaissance utilizing caller middleware platforms.  

The header numbers are arsenic follows: 

  • Software volition beryllium the prima performer successful the 2021–2022 U.S. tech marketplace outlook. Software purchases volition spot the fastest growth, of astir 10% successful 2021 and conscionable implicit 11% successful 2022. Middleware platforms are increasing successful strength, driven by businesses' accrued absorption connected platforms and aided by the emergence of information software, the absorption of AI functions into the panoply of software, and the resurgence successful customized app development. Additionally, concern process applications, desktop apps and accusation absorption apps volition each acquisition maturation successful 2021 and 2022, and tech operations absorption bundle and vertical manufacture apps volition retrieve aft drops successful 2020. 

  • Single-instance unreality becomes a rival to bundle arsenic a work (SaaS). Offered connected a subscription pricing model, single-instance unreality is charismatic due to the fact that each lawsuit has their ain lawsuit of software, which they tin customize and displacement to their ain environment. SaaS subscription gross maturation volition dilatory successful 2021 and adjacent much successful 2022 arsenic a effect of the increasing popularity of single-instance cloud. Companies that privation unreality solutions for their halfway systems are typically doing truthful arsenic a azygous instance, causing this deployment exemplary to turn astatine accelerating rates successful 2021 and 2022. But it is important to enactment that licensed bundle volition acquisition a tiny maturation successful 2021. As companies absorption connected a much-needed refresh of their bequest back-office systems, they are buying licensed bundle versions. 

  • Tech services volition thrust the coattails of bundle demand. With economical recovery, CIOs and their concern partners volition person country to grow their task spending, resulting successful an summation successful request for tech consulting and strategy integration (SI) services. SI enactment for unreality volition turn faster than SI enactment for on-premises bundle and tech consulting, and grooming services volition grow astatine mean rates. Cloud level services and managed services volition pb outsourcing growth, with hosting, exertion outsourcing and hardware attraction experiencing a decline. 

  • Equipment and telecommunications services volition spot mean growth. After cutbacks successful spending connected communications instrumentality and telco services successful 2020, these 2 categories, on with machine equipment, volition instrumentality to anterior patterns of dilatory maturation by 2022. Remote enactment has exposed weakness successful the U.S.'s broadband wireless infrastructure. Now, arsenic offices reopen, employees commencement to question and wide concern enactment increases, telecommunications spending volition retrieve but stay subdued. Additionally, definite industries, specified arsenic fiscal services and governments, volition proceed to thrust the maturation of cloud, supporting the summation of server purchases. CIOs volition support their tech unit counts and costs nether control, with dependable maturation successful tech unit and mean wage and beardown maturation successful information and information jobs. 

So present you person the data. What should you bash next? 

When reasoning astir your ain tech spending successful 2021 and 2022, prosecute a hybrid strategy that combines unreality and on-premises systems, and displacement the equilibrium of your bundle exertion portfolio toward customized solutions.

This station was written by Vice President and Principal Analyst Andrew Bartels, and it primitively appeared here.

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