Vaccinated Ted Cruz To Introduce Bill Banning All Mask Mandates

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who has received the COVID vaccine, said helium would beryllium introducing a measure banning each disguise mandates.

Video of Cruz:


Cruz said, “There should beryllium nary mandates, zero concerning COVID. That means nary disguise mandates careless of your vaccination status. That means nary vaccine mandates. That means nary vaccine passports, and I’ve introduced legislation. A measure to prohibition vaccine passports. This week I’m introducing a measure to prohibition vaccine mandates. This week I’m introducing a measure to extremity disguise mandates.”

Ted Cruz Is Vaccinated, But He Wants To Spread COVID

Ted Cruz is vaccinated, but helium is introducing authorities that would marque it easier for unvaccinated Americans to go infected with COVID and die.

Sen. Cruz is successful a contention with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to spot who tin termination much Americans to assistance their statesmanlike run first. Cruz’s bills volition ne'er walk the Senate, but it is the tallness of hypocrisy for Ted Cruz to discourage masks and vaccinations erstwhile helium has had the vaccine.

Ted Cruz is some a hypocrite and a fool who is going to get radical killed due to the fact that helium thinks that it volition assistance him to triumph the 2024 Republican statesmanlike nomination.

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