Visually impaired sprinter gets engaged on track

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Keula Nidreia Pereira Semedo did not triumph golden astatine the Paralympic Games but the Cape Verde jock whitethorn person received thing adjacent better.

After finishing the T11 200m qualifying vigor successful 4th connected Thursday, the visually impaired sprinter missed retired connected a spot successful the semifinals but got an unexpected astonishment arsenic her usher -- and spouse -- got down 1 genu to suggest connected the track.

The magical infinitesimal came conscionable minutes aft the extremity of the contention with different athletes gathered astir cheering the blessed couple.

She said yes, of course.

Guide Manuel Antonio Vaz da Veiga proposes to Keula Nidreia Pereira Semedo. (Twitter)

"I truly person nary words. There are truthful galore emotions each together. Just the information of being present astatine the Paralympic Games, I hardly felt my legs really due to the fact that I was truthful nervous," Semedo told reporters.

"Now, with the proposal, determination are conscionable excessively galore emotions going connected close now. I don't person words to explicate however I consciousness astatine this moment.

"I ever had the imagination of getting joined but we hadn't planned thing truthful far. We haven't spoken astir it and I wasn't expecting it astatine all."

'Our parents volition spell crazy'

Visually impaired runners often person a usher to assistance them astir the way and are connected by a tether.

It seems Semedo and her usher Manuel Antonio Vaz da Veiga are person than most.Semedo spends astir of her clip surviving successful Portugal and has listed her now-fiancee arsenic 1 of her biggest inspirations.

Despite competing since 2005, Tokyo 2020 was Semedo's archetypal Games, but she says she's present motivated to spell again -- with her soon-to-be-husband by her side.

"I'm not definite if immoderate of my relatives already knew due to the fact that I did not know. But I americium definite our parents volition spell crazy. They volition similar it," the 32-year-old added.

"I americium definite my ma volition beryllium precise blessed due to the fact that she ever wanted maine to get married."Vaz da Veiga said helium thought the clip was close aft the mates had spent 11 years unneurotic successful a narration and couldn't deliberation of a amended spot to inquire the question.

"Since her sanction was enactment connected the database to travel to Tokyo, successful the extremity of July," helium said, erstwhile asked erstwhile helium came up with the plan.

"My 2 brothers and a person of excavation already knew of this. I americium definite they volition beryllium precise happy. My household volition beryllium thrilled. They volition each emotion the idea."

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