VMware announces new Horizon features that will make IT work easier

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New and expanded absorption features marque Horizon virtual desktops easier for hybrid unreality and distant enactment environments.


Image: VMWare

Remote enactment bundle institution VMware has announced respective new and expanded features for its Horizon virtual desktop bundle that volition "make it easier for IT to negociate Horizon deployments wherever they whitethorn be, on-premises oregon successful the cloud," VMware said successful a statement. That's apt invited news, considering that VMware reported an 82% summation successful VMware Horizon deployments during the archetypal six weeks of COVID-19 lockdowns successful 2020.

VMware Horizon is simply a virtual desktop interface (VDI)/desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) merchandise that is itself a portion of VMWare's Workspace ONE platform. Workspace ONE is an app deployment and absorption merchandise that lets IT power apps deployed to concern and privately owned computers, and is itself a portion of VMware Anywhere Workspace

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Anywhere Workspace is simply a operation SASE, entree power and cloud-native information merchandise that VMware said is the lone solution of its benignant presently connected the market. It's the halfway station from which All VMware's hybrid and cloud-native VDI satellite revolves. For its part, VMware Horizon is the endpoint that astir employees would interact with day-to-day arsenic they enactment from internet-hosted desktops that unrecorded successful a unafraid unreality oregon information center.

"VMware Horizon is simply a modern level built to trim complexity, summation absorption ratio and amended worker productivity careless of whether the desktop and exertion workloads are on-premises, successful the cloud, oregon a hybrid of both," said Shankar Iyer, elder vice president and wide manager, end-user computing, VMware. Today's updates, Iyer said, are designed to accommodate to new, analyzable IT environments that contiguous challenges that didn't beryllium adjacent successful caller years.

Horizon Control Plane gets further supplier support

Horizon Control Plane allows IT administrators to negociate strategy images, app management, monitoring and lifecycle absorption for Horizon cloud-based VMs. New features coming to Control Plane include: 

  • The cosmopolitan broker that connects employees to VMs based connected availability, capacity, location, penchant and different settings is present supported connected Azure VMware Solutions.
  • Image absorption work is present supported connected VMware Horizon Cloud connected Microsoft Azure. 
  • Application absorption is being expanded to VMware Horizon Cloud connected Microsoft Azure. 
  • Cloud monitoring services are present disposable for VMware Horizon for Azure VMware Solutions. 
  • Lifecycle absorption is present disposable for VMware Horizon Cloud connected Microsoft Azure. 

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VMware announced an further diagnostic that's definite to delight anyone that does distant enactment for Horizon users: The quality to usage Workspace One Assist to link to Horizon sessions. Apologies to excited assistance table techs everywhere: You're going to person to hold for this feature: It's expected availability is by the extremity of VMware's Q3, which concludes successful precocious October. All of the different features VMware announced are disposable now. 

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