Walker cops six week ban over racial slur

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Adelaide Crows prima Taylor Walker has been handed a six-match suspension pursuing an AFL probe into a radical slur directed astatine North Adelaide subordinate Robbie Young during a SANFL lucifer past month.

Walker has has besides been deed with a $20,000 fine, which volition beryllium donated to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programme and helium volition undertake an acquisition programme which requires AFL approval.

It rules the erstwhile skipper retired of the last 3 location and distant games of 2021 arsenic good the archetypal 3 matches of adjacent year.

Adelaide Crows subordinate Taylor Walker. (Getty)

The Crows are 3 wins retired of the eight, truthful are retired of the moving to play finals.

Walker's radical remark during the lucifer was overheard by an authoritative and reported, sparking an AFL investigation.

That led to a conciliation league yesterday betwixt Walker, Young and the Adelaide authoritative who reported the incident, with the goalkicking Crows prima expressing remorse and apologising.

"There is nary excuse oregon justification for the words I said. They are unacceptable and I instrumentality afloat accountability for that," Walker said successful a connection released by the AFL.

"I americium profoundly ashamed. I did not mean to origin harm, but I cognize and recognize that I person caused heavy wounded to the authoritative who reported the substance and to Robbie Young, to some of their families and to the wider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. I apologise to each of them and to the Adelaide and North Adelaide Football Clubs," Walker said successful a publically released statement.

"I inquire that you respect the privation of the authoritative who reported this substance not to beryllium identified.

"[The conciliation] process has led to a deeper knowing of the wounded that I person caused, and I americium embarrassed, ashamed and remorseful."

Walker's radical remark was slammed by the AFL Players Association, which released a connection saying it was "extremely disappointed" with the incident.

"Tex's connection was damaging and divisive, and determination is nary excuse for it. We are precise wide connected this - racism is abhorrent and determination is nary country for it successful our game," AFLPA CEO Paul Marsh said.

Walker said helium would strive to amended himself and instrumentality an progressive relation successful helping to stamp racism retired of the game.

"I privation to beryllium an progressive subordinate successful addressing racism successful our crippled and the wider community. This starts by educating myself truthful I tin power others and marque a affirmative quality moving forward," Walker said.

"I cognize I request to backmost up my apology with action, and this is my commitment."

Taylor Walker (Getty)

AFL inclusion and societal argumentation manager Tanya Hosch, who besides attended the conciliation, said the Adelaide authoritative and Young should beryllium applauded for calling retired Walker's behaviour.

"Racist actions and behaviours are inexcusable. The AFL powerfully condemns the radical vilification of our shot assemblage including our players, staff, and their families, crossed each levels of our game," Hosch said.

"I would similar to admit everyone progressive successful [the] conciliation process, particularly the Adelaide authoritative and Mr Young for calling retired the behaviour and/or taking a basal against racism by their engagement successful this process.

"I person nary uncertainty Mr Walker is remorseful, understands that his comments tin trigger trauma and earnestly interaction the intelligence wellness of the individuals, families and communities progressive and helium has accepted his sanctions."

Walker had already been dumped by the Crows for tomorrow's Showdown clash against Port Adelaide portion the study of the radical slur was being investigated.

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