Walker's emotional response to racism scandal

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An affectional Taylor Walker has breached his soundlessness aft being deed with a six-match AFL suspension for a racist slur directed astatine SANFL Player Robbie Young.

Walker appeared alongside Young successful a video released by the Adelaide Crows and announced that helium would instrumentality an extended interruption distant from the nine "to fto radical heal".

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"Robbie expressed his feelings to maine to beryllium adjacent to maine today. I'm truthful thankful that you're present mate, sitting adjacent to me," Walker told Young successful the video. "Thank you for accepting my apology. You've showed immense courageousness and enactment for me."

"I privation to apologise to you and your family, to the Adelaide authoritative and his family, to each aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their communities, for the pain, wounded and disappointment that I've caused.

Walker was flanked by Young arsenic helium apologised for his racist remark (Nine)

"What I've said was racism and it's wholly unacceptable. I've mislaid spot and respect from everyone and I cognize that, and I've got enactment to do. I'm going to instrumentality immoderate clip distant from the shot nine to fto radical heal."

Walker is yet to beforehand the media since being deed with the suspension pursuing an AFL probe into the incident, and it remains unclear erstwhile helium volition bash so.

The 31-year-old's apology video came aft Adelaide Crows CEO Tim Silvers admitted that the seasoned guardant was an "emotional wreck" aft being deed with the ban.

Walker has been roundly criticised since the probe was completed, with Indigenous ex-teammate Eddie Betts urging him to "learn" from his mistake.

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