Walker slammed for dodging press conference

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Port Adelaide large Kane Cornes has condemned Taylor Walker's seemingly scripted video apology to Robbie Young, saying the Adelaide seasoned needed to beforehand the media instead.

After remaining soundless implicit the play pursuing quotes successful a nine statement, Walker appeared alongside Young successful a video which was shared by the Adelaide Football Club connected Monday evening.

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According to seasoned AFL newsman Caroline Wilson, Adelaide had hoped Walker would beforehand the media but "no 1 could beryllium definite that the close things would beryllium said oregon that helium would cope".

"Adelaide person been trying to get him to accidental thing since Friday," Wilson told Nine's Footy Classified. "Taylor was successful nary acceptable state, we're told, to bash it connected Friday, Saturday oregon Sunday."

Walker was flanked by Young arsenic helium apologised for his racist remark (Nine)

While Cornes praised Young for his "classy" motion to beryllium alongside Walker successful solidarity the Adelaide seasoned apologised, helium took purpose astatine Walker himself.

"I'm not definite who is advising Taylor Walker. His absorption group, this is wherefore you wage them 3 per cent of your wage," helium told Footy Classified. "He needs to beforehand the wider media and reply questions."

"I'm not definite we've learnt thing from that video that we didn't already work successful the connection that helium apologised [in] connected Friday.

"He had to beryllium courageous and beforehand up similar his manager did, similar his CEO did astatine the hard times and talk and reply those questions truthful we tin larn much astir this concern and what the adjacent steps are.

"A staged and scripted video that was released by the nine astatine 6:20 p.m. connected a Monday nighttime earlier quality deadlines is not going to chopped it."

Despite being offered a one-year woody for adjacent season, Walker's AFL vocation is present astatine the crossroads (Getty)

Cornes' presumption was supported by Footy Classified big Craig Hutchison, who said Walker did himself nary favours with what looked similar a rehearsed response.

"I don't deliberation that solved things for him astatine all. It didn't look successful immoderate mode similar it achieved thing to me," helium said. "It looked excessively little, excessively late."

"As uncomfortable arsenic it was, helium had to look the media connected time 1 and propulsion himself into the thigh of the shot community.

"He doesn't get immoderate empathy nor discount for doing that, but helium shouldn't person done it for those reasons either, it was conscionable the close happening to do.

"It's going to beryllium precise hard for him to play astatine that footy nine again … the spot is breached there. Whatever currency helium had extracurricular Adelaide I deliberation is gone."

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