WATCH: Meghan McCain’s Lunatic Fox News Husband Argues That the Left Hates Babies

2 months ago 13
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The 8-10 PM artifact of Fox News has agelong been a breeding crushed for brainsick opinions. But aft facing contention from channels similar Newsmax and OAN, Fox has decided to treble down connected the crazy.

The 7 PM slot of Fox programming is present populated by radical similar Maria Bartiromo, Brian Kilmeade and Trey Gowdy. That radical besides includes Ben Domenech who is mostly known for plagiarism and being Meghan McCain’s husband.

Domenech’s Wednesday rant was each astir Democrats and babies. In fact, the big said, leftists hatred babies due to the fact that they correspond household oregon thing oregon another.

The big began the segment, “Progressives hatred babies due to the fact that they’re crying, drooling, pooping refutations of everything woke leftists believe. Boys and girls are the reply to the left’s each statement and the antidote to their each poisonous lie.”

Domenech continued:

“Families are the eventual root of meaning and happiness successful society. To the modern left, this makes them a rival to their totalitarian politics. Babies, the infinitesimal they get connected the scene, make a unit tract of emotion and self-sacrifice and work that leftism cannot penetrate. Attentive parents don’t springiness implicit their minds, bodies, and souls to the latest Washington outrage. The near thinks that’s due to the fact that kids are a distraction.”


As a leftist who intelligibly loves his children, I tin accidental that this is rather a unusual take. Then again, Fox doesn’t look to beryllium vetting immoderate of the radical they fto spew opinions connected their web these days.

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