WATCH: MSNBC’s Ari Melber Rips Ron DeSantis as “The Poster Child of COVID Failures”

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As Florida cases of COVID-19 person risen implicit the past fewer weeks, Ron DeSantis hasn’t seemed funny successful doing thing to combat the problem. In fact, the ambitious Republican has dug his heels successful connected civilization warfare issues.

And portion DeSantis focuses connected schools and masks, Florida hospitals are being overloaded with COVID patients. During a Wednesday monologue, Ari Melber ripped the Florida politician arsenic “the poster kid of COVID failures.”

The big began by discussing DeSantis’ attempts to fundraise by bashing Dr. Anthony Fauci. “They’re hocking t-shirts arsenic good arsenic coozies,” helium said. “For a politician successful the mediate of a deadly virus, the archetypal constituent present would be, turn up.”

Melber continued:

“What he’s doing is simply a MAGA-style trolling workout successful the mediate of a deadly outbreak. He virtually tried to prohibition immoderate verification process to find retired who’s vaccinated. That conscionable comes down to information. So, he’s the 1 trying to successful a very1984-style way, restrict accusation portion claiming he’s for liberty and freedom. How bash you cognize that’s implicit the line? I’ll springiness you 1 portion of reasoning. A national justice precocious blocked Florida’s effort to prohibition that benignant of vaccine accusation saying that vaccine documentation oregon passports cannot conscionable beryllium banned outright by the state. It’s not similar Gov. DeSantis tin halt backstage enterprise. Well, helium tried to bash that, too.”

At this point, the politician doesn’t attraction astir keeping radical successful his authorities safe. He is lone funny successful warring the civilization warfare that helium thinks the Republican enactment demands from him.

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