What Eddie would do to prevent ugly fan acts

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Eddie McGuire has urged the authorities to instrumentality connected much work successful stamping retired online trolls aft Port Adelaide prima Aliir Aliir was targeted successful a racist onslaught connected societal media.

Aliir, who took retired the Showdown Medal with a starring show against Adelaide connected Saturday, was deed with vile societal media maltreatment lone moments aft the club's win.

While Port Adelaide enactment retired a connection successful enactment of Aliir condemning the "divisive and hurtful" attack, McGuire says present is the clip for due investigations to instrumentality place.

"This is axenic vandalism," McGuire told Nine's Today.

"I called the crippled connected Saturday nighttime and Aliir Aliir played 1 of the astir implicit antiaircraft games I've ever seen, from commencement to decorativeness successful a crippled that was decided by a kick.

Aliir Aliir of the Power (Getty)

"He was the astir ascendant player, helium played perfectly beauteous football. It was a enactment of creation successful a shot sense.

"For idiosyncratic to travel retired and bash it, it was nary antithetic to immoderate vandal who comes retired and defaces a spot for nary crushed different than their ain narcissism and ego.

"When you find retired that station went up that night, deliberately to origin occupation and summation that person's attention... it comes down to the societal media platforms to beryllium capable to analyse and prosecute these radical who bash these things."

Adelaide prima Taylor Walker 'under probe implicit alleged racist remark'

In the aftermath of Sky News Australia copping a YouTube suspension for spreading misinformation surrounding COVID-19, McGuire said the authorities should beryllium taking that aforesaid attack with online trolls.

"The authorities has got to spell hard," helium added.

"We're seeing these things present wherever they're pulling stories disconnected Sky News.

"They've got the wherewithal, they've got the governmental acumen, they've got each those things astatine their disposal.

"So possibly they've got to commencement going aft the idiots who bash these things arsenic well."

The maltreatment to Aliir comes aft a week which saw Adelaide Crows prima guardant Taylor Walker handed a six-match ban for a radical slur made during a SANFL contention past month.

While conscionable past period Indigenous stars Bradley Hill and Matty Parker were besides subjected to racist attacks connected societal media.

McGuire isn't the lone high-profile fig successful the media to telephone connected the authorities to bash more.

Molan's passionate takedown of trolls

Nine sports newsman and NRL big Erin Molan has spent the past fewer years urging the authorities to instrumentality a harder stance aft she excessively was the unfortunate of a fig of online attacks.

"I've been lobbying the authorities for astir apt implicit a twelvemonth present connected this topic," Molan said past year.

"First of all, this isn't astir me. I've been the unfortunate of immoderate of the astir horrific trolling and maltreatment online for the amended portion of a decade. I americium fundamentally immune to it. I spot it for what it is."

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