Who is leading the way with DataOps? Regulated industries

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A caller survey finds that companies taxable to GDPR and different information rules person the astir precocious strategies and are much apt to beryllium unreality ambitious.


Turns retired you tin travel information privateness and information regulations and inactive triumph with your information strategy, according to a caller survey.

S&P Global Market Intelligence and Immuta asked 525 information experts astir however good DataOps is going. The survey recovered that companies successful regulated industries are starring the mode with less challenges with information entree and use. These companies that are taxable to information privateness and extortion regulations specified arsenic GDPR are besides much apt to person a dedicated information engineering squad and to supply self-service analytics.

Regulated companies are besides much apt to beryllium cloud-first oregon unreality guardant arsenic compared to the bulk of companies successful nonregulated industries that were much apt to beryllium "cloud conservative." Paige Bartley, a elder expert astatine 451 Research, portion of S&P Global Market Intelligence and writer of the report, concludes that: The presumption that regulated industries oregon firms thin to shy distant from unreality exertion is outdated astatine best.

Companies successful banking, retail and healthcare besides are much apt to person a dedicated information engineering team, which means that these firms are much apt to put resources successful the information proviso side, according to Bartley.

The caller report, "DataOps Dilemma: Survey Reveals Gap successful the Data Supply Chain" looks astatine gaps, points of friction and mismatches successful resources. The survey includes responses from some information consumers and information suppliers. 451 Research surveyed 525 endeavor practitioners successful the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, and France who had a hands-on information occupation oregon who straight influenced data-centric functions wrong their organization. Survey respondents worked astatine companies with 1,000 oregon much employees and utilized a unreality information platform. The survey was completed successful May.

Bartley besides identified these trends successful however information is gathered and analyzed: 

  • More radical are consuming much information successful much ways
  • Quality is becoming much important than measurement
  • Large organizations study much information sharing extracurricular institution walls
  • More main information officers articulation the enforcement squad

Data experts said that the fig of information consumers successful their organizations is expanding steadily and 73% said that adjacent much humans and machines volition request entree to information implicit the adjacent 24 months.

SEE: The authorities of information scientists: Overwhelmed and underfunded (TechRepublic) 

People are utilizing a wider assortment of tools to devour information arsenic well, according to the survey, including:

  • Self-service visualization
  • Self-service information prep
  • Data subject tools and platforms
  • Internal information marketplaces

Also, 90% of survey respondents said information prime and spot would go much important than information quantity implicit the adjacent 24 months.

About a twelvemonth ago, 451 Research conducted a akin survey and recovered that lone 41% of survey respondents had a main information serviceman connected the team. That fig is present 60% with astir CDOs reporting to the CEO (50%) followed by the main exertion serviceman (30%) and main accusation serviceman (18%).  

Weaknesses successful the information proviso chain

For radical supplying the information to provender the ravenous endeavor demands, 29% database "not capable automation" arsenic a cardinal symptom point. For radical consuming the data, 37% reported that technology-based bottlenecks were owed to deficiency of merchandise automation.

The summation successful streaming and real-time information sources is different situation to the information proviso chain. The survey authors recovered that information is typically disposable astatine "point-in-time" alternatively than successful real-time, which limits its usefulness successful agile decision-making.

Just implicit fractional of each survey respondents either somewhat oregon wholly hold that information is often stale oregon out-of-date by the clip it is consumed oregon analyzed. The study authors reason that deficiency of automation successful the absorption and synthesis of information sources tin hinder the availability of timely datasets.

DataOps is inactive a teenager

DataOps is successful the aboriginal days for a bulk of companies, according to the survey:

  • Emerging: 42%
  • Accelerated: 31%
  • Nascent: 12%
  • Optimized: 10%
  • No strategy: 5%

Companies successful the emerging radical person a DataOps strategy defined but not afloat operationalized portion the accelerated group's information strategy is delivering value. 

Bartley recommends that companies prioritize automation and scalability successful summation to investing successful people, process and exertion to velocity up the DataOps transformation.

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