Xbox Reveals New 20th Anniversary Controller And Headset, Available Next Month

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Microsoft has revealed a caller Xbox wireless controller and matching headset successful grant of the 20th day of Xbox this year. 

The Xbox controller follows the aforesaid layout arsenic the caller modular Xbox wireless controller that launched with the Xbox Series X/S, and it features a translucent achromatic plan with greenish grips, a greenish logo, and acheronian greenish details astir the d-pad. The controller besides features Xbox’s 20th day insignia connected it arsenic well. 

The 20th day peculiar variation Xbox stereo headset announced contiguous features the aforesaid plan scheme, with translucent achromatic receptor shells, greenish logos and details, and a greenish mic. It’s important to enactment that this headset is the modular stereo headset Xbox sells alternatively than the Xbox wireless headset

“[The headset and the controller are] a caller rotation connected the translucent greenish of the archetypal Xbox Debug Kit,” Xbox’s announcement reads. “The assemblage of the controller features a translucent achromatic decorativeness with metallic internals truthful you tin spot each detail. The nostalgic greenish Xbox fastener brings america backmost to the archetypal greenish Xbox logo.” 

Both the controller and the headset are present disposable for preorder and some volition beryllium released connected November 15. Each costs $69.99. 

Anyone that connects the 20th day controller to their Xbox Series X/S console volition person an exclusive 20th day dynamic background. Xbox besides revealed immoderate caller 20th day merchandise, including a caller themed Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox controllers. A terms for that was not revealed, nor was a merchandise date, but Xbox says you tin caput to to motion up to beryllium notified erstwhile it does spell live. 

This caller Xbox controller joins Xbox’s seemingly always-expanding enactment of controllers. The institution announced a limited variation Forza Horizon 5 controller and a Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Elite controller backmost successful August. Plus, you tin ever make your ain customized controller present that Xbox Design Labs is open again.

Will you beryllium picking up this caller controller and headset? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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