Devotion Developer Red Candle Games Reveals 2D Action Platformer, Nine Sols

2 years ago 637

Red Candle Games is the squad down well-received fearfulness games Devotion and Detention, but it teased a seemingly little spooky caller task successful March. The workplace released a little clip of a 2D enactment crippled labeled arsenic a enactment successful progress, and contiguous we person a rubric and a hint astatine what the adventure entails.

The crippled is called Nine Sols, and Red Candle Games describes it connected Twitter arsenic a “hand-drawn 2D enactment platformer with Sekiro-inspired deflection-focused combat.” The crippled stars a vengeful leader connected a travel to termination nine rulers, called Sols, of a forgotten realm inspired by Asian fantasy. This satellite was besides location to an past alien race. The authoritative creation posted beneath reveals the protagonist’s cat-like appearance (which was obscured by a chapeau successful the demo clip).

Nine Sols doesn’t person a merchandise model oregon announced platforms, truthful it’s astir apt a ways off. Still, fixed the prime of Red Candle Games' horror titles, it’s breathtaking to spot the squad tackle thing extracurricular of what's go their accustomed wheelhouse. 

In the meantime, cheque retired our reappraisal of Red Candle Games' most caller release, Devotion.

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