New Back 4 Blood Update Adds Offline Campaign With Progression

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The latest Back 4 Blood update, which goes unrecorded astatine 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST, yet brings an offline run with progression to the multiplayer shooter. 

Since Turtle Rock Studios released Back 4 Blood backmost successful October, players person been asking for a mode to play the crippled offline and still be capable to progress. That’s present imaginable acknowledgment to the December 2021 update. This update besides brings immoderate different requested features to the shooter arsenic well. 

“The December 2021 Update is focused connected bringing immoderate new, highly anticipated features to you arsenic good arsenic taking a walk astatine improving the acquisition with our Veteran and Nightmare difficulties,” the patch notes read. “Various adjustments to our paper system, Ridden, spawning systems, weapons, and Cleaners elaborate beneath lend towards these trouble improvements. As we antecedently mentioned, we’ll proceed to amended the Back 4 Blood acquisition and look guardant to your feedback connected our December 2021 Update.” 

Here are the caller features coming to Back 4 Blood with today’s update:

  • Offline campaign with progression
  • New Supply Lines – Roving Merchants: time-limited way added that provides caller unlocks to walk Supply Points on
  • New paper type – Burn cards: disposable done the Roving Merchants Supply Lines and they tin beryllium played successful each Saferoom to summation impermanent effects similar instant healing, currency boosts, accrued resistances, and more. 
  • Holiday seasonal event: vacation decorations person been added to Fort Hope and the Firing Range alongside unlockable seasonal quality skins, limb skins, emblems, and sprays.
  • New (non-burn) cards
    • Belt Clip: Increase Quickslot inventory by 1
    • Utility Belt: Increase Quickslot inventory by 2, -10% harm dealt
    • Tool Belts: Increase squad Quickslot inventory by 1
  • Ridden Practice Area added to Fort Hope
  • Bots that travel the subordinate successful Solo Campaign are randomized
  • Ultrawide improvements
  • Stat tracking is present enabled successful Training 

Alongside each of these caller features being added to Back 4 Blood successful today’s update, Turtle Rock besides elaborate hundreds of improvements, changes, and fixes to the run and Swarm PvP mode. You tin work each of those, successful full, here

While waiting for today’s update, cheque retired our thoughts connected the crippled successful Game Informer’s Back 4 Blood review and past work astir the story expansion coming to it. Find retired wherefore Back 4 Blood is successful Game Informer’s database of the apical 10 co-op games to play close now aft that. 

Are you excited for today’s Back 4 Blood update? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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