Guerrilla Shares Images Of Horizon Forbidden West Running On PlayStation 4

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Often overshadowed by the newest generation, games are inactive being built for and released connected the PlayStation 4. After showing what Horizon Forbidden West looks and runs similar connected PS5, Guerrilla Games has fixed the satellite a glimpse astatine what Aloy's adjacent escapade looks similar connected the erstwhile Sony console. 

In a tweet, Guerrilla offered a peek astatine 4 screenshots from Forbidden West moving connected PlayStation 4 hardware. While it doesn't accidental whether the captures came from a PS4 amateur oregon a PS4 Pro, the vistas connected show are inactive stunning to behold. Take a glimpse astatine the lush jungle flora with a mechanical bird hovering overhead, a desolate godforsaken settlement, the Tallneck successful each of its towering glory, and Aloy strolling done a pond riding atop what looks to beryllium the horse-like Strider.

These images bash look great, and yes, I'm definite if you enactment them adjacent to their PS5 counterparts, you tin nitpick which details whitethorn beryllium missing, oregon however acold the gully region for LODs are. But instead, we're going to instrumentality this preview of the uncommon PS4 visuals and observe however bully they look connected their ain merits. If the show broadside of the crippled pans retired arsenic good arsenic these stills have, last-gen PlayStation owners whitethorn not consciousness arsenic overmuch unit to find an elusive PS5 earlier Horizon Forbidden West's February 18 release. 

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